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True Love's Truths

Fast Track Guide To The Love You Desire

Meet Tina ~Aka Girlfriend Tee

I am so happy you are here! I am passionate about the possibility of affecting change for women who are in too much agony in the name of love.

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Snap to it Girlfriend

Whether this is your first broken heart or your fifth broken heart, no doubt about it, girlfriend, you will survive and then THRIVE in love. First, why not spend some time on you? Doing so will almost guarantee it's your last broken heart Start making better choices. Beginning with, how will you choose to spend your days and nights during this most difficult, most painful time? Will you allow the breakup to affect the quality of your life and rob you of precious time that could and should be spent on positive, life improving actions? Will you allow it to break you? You’re broken up…Don’t be broken down! Beware!...It won’t be easy. The heart wants what the heart wants. Girlfriend Please! Snap out of it! He’s not worth it!, is an easy and inspiring read to help get out of or get over a bad relationship and move on to a happier life, the life you’ve always imagined. It boldly reveals short, true stories of the drama too many women go through unnecessarily in the name of love. Unfortunately, these stories are familiar to many women. Women, who give their hearts to men who really don’t deserve them, and then, they believe these men can and should behave differently in the name of their love. The results, women trying to change men. All the while they accept and make excuses for inexcusable behavior, telling themselves and their friends things like, “No man is perfect.”, “You can’t have everything in a man.” or “At least he doesn’t hit me”. Sound familiar? If it isn’t you, it’s a friend who shares stories of being taken advantage of and is heartbroken time and time again. Frustrating right? When will enough be enough? The question is, why is it tolerated over and over again? Girlfriend Please! Snap out of it! He’s not worth it!, is it for you? Your friend? or both? Either way it’s powerfully effective in a non-psychoanalytical fashion. It’s meant to be used daily as a reminder and a tool to create and keep peace and happiness in your heart. The Snap Band is cute. It has a heart with a peace sign inside of it. This visual, along with a slight “Snap” of the wrist with it, is a daily reminder to keep “Peace in the Heart”. AND can even help to prevent the much regretted acts of drunk texting or calling and Facebook and Myspace stalking, the acts that are easily resorted to when the emotions and feelings of being alone spin out of control. Help yourself to stay focused on actions that are GUARANTEED positive results. What kind of person do you want in your life, sexy, fit, intelligent, kind, funny, thoughtful, selfless, compassionate? Do you exuberate the qualities you expect of your partner? Become the person of whom you'd admire, love and respect and watch how others will love and respect you. Girlfriend Please! Snap out of it! He’s not worth it!, the book, the “Snap band” and snapoutofitgirlfriend.com the website, will uplift you and can help you to change your life and break the cycle if you embrace its message and do little things daily for you and are ready to begin living your happily ever after. It’s not him, girlfriend, it’s YOU. Love is a choice, Choose you!


Our morning thoughts determine our day's outcome. Blog with us daily about your thoughts good or bad and together we can help each other to turn it around and prosper.
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What’s your passion?
Who or what do you aspire to have or be? I know, I know, in love right? Well, not until you love yourself will you become attracted to “nice guys” and not the “bad boy” and finally find what you desire. Get out of your own way. It won’t be simple. Start with the book and the “snap band” that comes with it. Come here daily and nurture your soul through the “DailySeeds”. Take the love and energy you usually give to him and give it to yourself or someone else in need. The more you accomplish the more beautiful you will feel and become to not only yourself but others too. I promise! Even the simplest of things. Soon you will feel that you are of great value, know your time is too precious and can only be spent being happy and content. Start being passionate about the beautiful person you desire to be inside and out. Like my book, Girlfriend Please! Snap out of it! He’s not worth it!, I plan to keep this website simple yet effective. Women helping women through the power of written words. Take advantage daily, of Snapoutofitgirlfriend.com, it’s aimed at providing encouragement, support and friendship, through the “Today I feel blog” and “How’d it go today girlfriend blog“. Current knowledge and advice in career planning, health concerns, fitness trends, best and latest beauty tools and plenty of activities to keep you busy and focused on YOU are located in the “DailySeeds” .

How you can help……

I welcome ideas, advice, suggestions and comments to improve this site for us. Do you know someone who is inspirational because they’ve changed their life from being the victim to the victor? Send an email to tina@snapoutofitgirlfriend.com so I can contact them, we need their help. I’ll be eagerly waiting to hear of them. With my passion and your help, wouldn’t it be great if we can stop some of the drama and even better, become awesome women who achieve great things. Start Blooming

How’d it go Today Girlfriend?

WE WANT TO HEAR ALL ABOUT IT! Whatever it is, being the smallest of good thoughts or effects of your day's efforts to improve the quality your life or the life of others. Eventually it can be one of our success stories having unfolded right here before our eyes. Thanks for sharing Girlfriend.... good luck in all you do. Start your morning with a Share the good times!

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