Have you ever wondered about the girl who seems to only fall for the bad boys, how her life of love turns out?

Does she ever snap out of it? Does she ever figure it out and why exactly does she put up with so much bullshit? Does she ever end up getting the love she desires and deserves? If so, at what age and how much heartache did she endure to get there? Or does she just give up on love all together?

You could be here because you need to snap out of it with someone you’ve given your heart to and quite possibly need to take it back. And that could be the case whether you’re together or broken up.

Girlfriend, please, never give away your whole heart. You know you’ve done this when you’re devastated and affected by their mistreatment of it, treatment that isn’t up to par with your value.
When you do give your whole heart away you’ve left nothing for yourself. You need it most of all. Imagine the state of it when someone’s given it back and you don’t even recognize it or its beauty because you left it in someone else’s care for so long. You don’t even know where to put it. It just doesn’t seem at all familiar. You’re so desperately yearning for you and this love/lover to keep going towards the happy ending you don’t even want it back.

This is some booshit Girlfriend, some unnecessary booshit! I know.

I’m Tina Soriano, author of Girlfriend Please! Snap out of it! He’s not worth it! I finally snapped out of it, yes I did. Why exactly I put up with it is simple to explain but oh so difficult to understand for the weak at heart. Yes I figured it out. (The long, difficult and painful way.) Yes I got a love I deserved and desired and I’ve endured 4 major heartbreaks. I’ll never give up on love. That’s a big Hell Nah! I’m all over it now.

I’m all about love, True Love.

Here’s the person I was and some of what I put myself through.

-I put my partners’ needs before mine.
-Believed in second, third, fourth,  fifth …. chances.
-Always gave more than I got in hopes of a better quality of love from them.
-Needed their acceptance and approval of me to feel loved.
-I was a co-dependent party to my partner’s unhealthy love of self, doing all I could to fix him so he’d love and value me.


I viewed my actions as loving and admirable. Why didn’t they cherish them? That’s the million dollar question. The answer lies in bringing about the epiphany that must be had for this woman who must learn why she’s so loving to others yet denying herself so much.

I want to help you see your heart as beautiful as you are and for you to imagine it as your life line, the key to all your heart’s desires. I’ll help you to see it as you should, unique, extraordinary, priceless, a one of a kind treasure that first and foremost beats strongest for you.

Like I did, you just need to get some enlightenment as to your why you’re where you are, yearning and feeling loved less than and then find out the how to cut that shit out once and for all! That higher learning along with some tough love actions (by you) and then…Girlfriend, really and truly you’ve got life and especially your life of love on lock.

I still get tears in my eyes when I think, write and talk about this one thing I desired so greatly, True Love and how simple it really would have been to achieve and yet because of lack of knowledge about True Love and my inner lack, I lost out on years of a beautiful love and endured heartache instead.

It’s sad and a damn shame. That’s why I’m here! Seriously, love is free ya’ll!

Just so you know it doesn’t matter how you look, what you have or how big your heart is. I was and still am (just more so now), an intelligent, kindhearted, loving, beautiful, self-supporting woman, just to name a few qualities. None of that matters.

It’s like a fully loaded brand new Benz without the battery, you can view it’s exterior and interior beauty but it’ll never be fully valued and enjoyed until you put in the battery, what turns it on, lights everything up and keeps it running to any destination.

The light is on now. It’s bright and I’m here to lovingly guide you to your True Love. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the pit of despair right now or feeling as though your current relationship isn’t worthy of you or desperately wondering when your lover will arrive. If you desire a True Love more than anything, we should talk. Getting to this place of peace and bliss about love isn’t easy. HELLO, if it were everyone would be walking around madly in love. I’m here to tell you it damn sure doesn’t have to be hard or heartbreaking. Once you know you’re good to go!

Girlfriend, in all things we aspire to we naturally want someone by our side. Having someone by our side for our trips to Target is all some of us hope for.

It’s not that difficult to find any ol someone to accept you, that you can find yourself accepting in return, but your heart needs to find the one who is chosen as the perfect fit for you so you best get to know her in all her beauty soon.  She isn’t the one you’ve been spending time with lately, she wouldn’t hurt you.
Until you’re able to do  some of the work it takes to fall in love with her you can expect to live a life less loved and could end up settling or alone.

It takes work for us girls to snap out of it, just a little bit of Tough love but you deserve it. Let’s do it now. Let’s start fulfilling your heart’s desires today. No more bad days in love.

You can work with me here, one on one.  Read my complete story here.  Or you can get my course, True Love Tactics that will guide you step by step to the beauty of True Love. (Coming Soon! Email info@snapoutofitgirlfriend.com if interested.)

You can also read now, my most painful lessons, what I discovered from enduring a life of this kind of “love” and heartache in The 3 truths that will prevent you from sabotaging your one life of love above, rather than enduring heartache of your own and missing any great days of True Love.