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Today I feel…..

The “Joys” Of Divorce – By Man On The Fence

Today I feel…..

Today I feel…….Content

Today I remember being consumed daily with the heartache and loneliness that was a result of my having chosen to love someone else more than myself. I accepted bad days in the name of love. “He” was who I wanted deep in the core of my being. I had already loved him so much and enjoyed many “good times” that I couldn’t bare the thought of not having him in my life. Consequently, the only option was to get him to understand how his actions or lack of action must change. Then and only then could we continue to be happy together.

Today I wonder why with all of the many choices there are in life I could have made to create joy in each day, why did I spend so many days filled with sorrow. Now, I have so many desires I want to fulfill, however small or insignificant they may be, my only problem is not enough hours in the day and will I live long enough to complete them all.

(One is to become a better writer.)

Choice not chance, determines destiny.

I hope you choose to be happy today.

Today I feel…..

Good morning girlfriends,

Today I feel motivated to make a difference in my own life. The possibilities are endless. I realize however, that it starts with a day at a time. For today, I am all about the right attitude to affect my future in a positive way.
“Life is like a mirror. If we frown at it, it frowns back. If we smile, it returns the greeting.” ~Unknown…but true.

How do you feel today? Care to share?

Today I feel…..

Good morning….almost over. I love my coffee. Today is Columbus day. I hope you enjoy your day. Today I feel excited to put a serious plan in action towards the marketing my book to any and all I can think of. This is where the consistency and hard work begins. I can not procrastinate or I will fail. Now that I put it out here, it should hold me more accountable.
Get ready girlfriends to SNAP OUT OF IT! and snap into you!
How do you feel today?

Today I feel…..

I always heard “love is blind”. Turns out for so many years, in my case it was deaf and dumb too! When you think you are in love and are having bad days in it, your heart can play tricks on the mind. The key is being able to recognize when your being tricked. Chances are if your thoughts are being consumed with the situation and not on you, probably a good sign to focus back onto you or in helping someone else. That will always bring joy back to your moments. Thank God I found the cure.