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New Year! Truer You!

Another Year to Love!

Love Abundantly!

Happy New Year Girlfriend!

It’s resolution time! What’s it gonna be this year? How far will you get into this year’s journey to 

the better you?  Starting off is easy and fun even, getting all organized and ready for the new you.

New workout clothes, a fridge full of fresh veggies and fruit, ready to be juiced daily.  For me, Girlfriend,

I’ve got to do it this time! I’m going to be 50 this year!  The years go by so fast. We fully intend to get it right “tomorrow”

and do well by ourselves but we apparently don’t love ourselves enough to take the actions that are going to get us to all of our

dreams fulfilled.  Tough love is what’s needed and I’m about to get tough on me. 

This past year has been one of the absolute most painful, eye opening, life-changing years for me.  The end of a 10 year relationship with my one Good Guy and the loss of Buddy, my cat.  I guess life doesn’t turn out like you think it will. Or actually, it kind of did!  I blame the demise of our love based specifically on our thoughts, our thoughts that lead to the lack of loving actions on both of our parts.

 “Our thoughts determine our actions and outcomes.” Don’t I know it!

It appears God has another plan for me.  It seems it’s time to practice what I preach.  My New Year’s resolution is to spend time morning and night making sure I’m on the right path, thinking the good thoughts, making choices that will, although difficult I’m sure, ensure the daily, peace, love and joy I’ve always desired.  By the end of 2014 I claim this vow here and now to not only be fifty, but finally fit, financially free, have been to France and perhaps even a Fiancé!  Those are my big dreams for this year. A Fiance?, eh… I’m coo!    

Here’s to us and Cheers to success in all of our resolves to love ourselves that much more…

             Cheers!  True Love~ Self Love

True Love~ Self Love

Tee’s Tough Love Tactics™ in action.



Love Forever So Never To Remember

Bitter~Sweet Memories

Love Forever So As Not To Remember!

Love Forever So As Not To Remember!

Once at least, I know the radio was my enemy. A daily torture of dedications and love songs played over and over for the lucky ones. Bewilderment over my four leaf clover’s power having failed consumed me.  

Feeling indifferent about the Lovers’ Holiday, Chocolates and Ruby Red Roses was mere to the influx of longing and lack I felt when seeing lovers kiss.

Aching inside for the touch of his strong hands, beautiful scent and prickly feeling of stubble on my cheek  if only for a moment more, was now a whirlwind of delusions leading me to self-torment isle.

In dubious I was with the evidence that filled the waste basket holding my pain and tears, that it was as a resemblance of my life now, a waste and of no value. 

But now…your warm breath on my neck, our legs tangled together, my name whispered through your lips, your smile reflective of the glow of my deep pure joy,  it’s as if there’s never been any other moment but this time-stopping, heart-throbbing one.

All the sadness and wasted time is forgotten. I can’t remember anything but this love that is pure beauty. 


Girlfriend, this post is emotionally telling the deepest levels of joy and pain our heart experiences in romantic love. 

Love forever so as never to have to remember…