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Monica G. ~ Rancho Cucamonga, Ca.

“I loved it!  It was light and heartwarming and with a little bit of whimsy.”


Elizabeth A. ~ La Puente, Ca.

“I’m so a fan of all the great quotes in this book.  I loved it!”


Rick Dickert ~ GDLA Fox 11

“Very nice job..after the holiday we’ll try and get in a mention..very nice job-you are super talented!”


Karol B. ~ Whittier, Ca.

“Loved it!  So much my story just the happy ending hasn’t happened yet.”


Silvia F. ~ Whittier, Ca.

“It was very inspiring.  Good work by the author.”


Ben A. ~ La Puente, Ca

“I really enjoyed it! I have some     friends who can use it.”


Terri L. ~ Yuba City, Ca.

”I LOVED IT….The way it is  written, it is a very easy  read and it is a very good read.   At first you feel sorry for the situation,  but as you read you feel lifted up and a real happy feeling.  I’m going to read the book a couple more times it has  lots of meaning and it makes you feel good about YOURSELF and so many women need that.”

Laura H. ~ Los Angeles, Ca.

“It was so great!  It is a great idea.  I posted the “I choose me!” picture on my Facebook page and my friends are very interested.  GREAT JOB on the book and for “snapping out of it.”

Tamara P. ~Desert Hot Springs, Ca.


I have a daughter named Ashley, she is 16 and beautiful, and has been going through this ridiculous relationship with the most incompatible boy, thinking she was in love she took to rebellion and caused much grief in the household, but to no end, she would have her love.  TODAY 10-05-09, Ashley came home from school with the most frustrated and pissed off look on her face.   HE LEFT HER FOR HER BEST FRIEND!

She was broken and lonely and had NO-ONE to talk to about it, and because Mom didn’t approve of the boy in the first place, she certainly couldn’t talk to me.   That’s when the book came in the mail box.

I came in and paraded it around as if it was the answer to my prayers, the motivation that I needed, I sniffed it, took it apart, and began to read it. I looked over at my broken daughter and I tossed it at her, I said here, read this! (mind you she is NOT speaking to me at this point!)she sat it down and said NO! I’m not reading this.

She sat it down on the table across the room. Later, Ashley came to me and asked if she could sit with me and snuggle (first real sign of my lovely daughter that I had seen in weeks)

I made her read a page of the book as her legs layed on my lap.  She began to read.  I urged her to turn the page and read more, before I knew it we were half way through the book.  My heart was not only amazed at the closeness we were sharing, but the learning she was getting and the reality to me that this wasn’t just a book, it was you in there and it was helping us both.

At her pace she read the entire book we laughed and cried together and were shocked at the confirmation that was so perfect for this moment.  For her and I.  The book will sit on my shelf, and the band on Ashleys wrist.