Girlfriends it was amazing today. I can’t describe the feeling I have tonight. It is surreal on so many levels. Tonight I enjoyed and am thankful for the support of so many people who came out to celebrate with me the release of my book, Girlfriend Please! Snap out if it! He’s not worth it. There were friends old and new. People I haven’t seen in years. People driving 4 and 7 hrs in a single day and a women who has never met me, yet felt compelled to share, in person, the effect my story has had on her. I knew all the while, for certian, when writing this book that there were others like me who would relate to my story. I can see now that there many. These women are beautiful as well as successful. There are too many women who are lost in themselves. It is far too amazing as I begin to realize that my story is actually about to make a difference for women. Imagine too….all the help I will be able to provide for our animal friends. I can’t wait! I am truly blessed. “Thank you Lord for my courage, passion and the ability to persevere.” Thank you all for being supportive and excited with me and for me.

For the people who couldn’t make it today, you were truly missed, but other than that, PERFECT day! My hard work and lack of social life is paying off! This is me an my #1 fan, my Momma.

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