Today I Feel – Blog

“Today I feel”- Blog

     It’s helpful and important to write your thoughts when you’re down, hurt or confused.  When you put the pen to paper there’s thought that goes into it.   That thought process often helps to better understand your emotions and see things more clearly.

     Eventually, this new, clearer vision, sees into your soul.   You’ll see that the love you truly need is not romantic.   It’s a love within of self.    Visit our blog whenever you can and allow your girlfriends on there to  inspire, encourage you and let you know you’re not alone.     What would be even greater is for you to come back here some day and help to  encourage others.

       Don’t let the love you didn’t receive in the past stop you from getting the love you deserve today.

       Together we can help each other to live lives fulfilled with beauty and with Peace in Love.

Tina Soriano