Today I feel…..

Good morning again,

Another morning…..Honestly I feel many things. I’ve got to get my exercise. I know it’s important, I want to look good and feel good too. Why is it so hard??? Every night I say I’ll do it in the morning and when morning comes, I’m certain it’ll be better to happen at night. Vicious cycle! Meanwhile I love my fresh baked Nestle Toll House cookies, 2-3 nightly. I’m up earlier this morning so I can get it in and so far have not. The sun is out, the running shoes are in sight, the double jackets are good to go and even the radio. I don’t understand why I keep putting it off. I’m so attracted to all the fitness magazines and women who are in their forties with slammin bodies, so why not me? I’ve got so much going on but I know this needs to be an important part of my day too. It’s like paying yourself first. Why don’t we do that? Does anyone else have the same fight going on with themselves. I’ve read that cardio is important to potentially prevent Altzhiemer disease and dimentia. This is now my driving force. Shame to achieve my success and not remember it! Wish me luck!

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