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Do you have aspirations & dreams? Are you creative, romantic, vivacious and know deep down you can’t simply just live and love small?

Up till now has it been the case that you’ve gotten a taste of love, gotten excited about a beautiful future with “The One” only to have it fall apart and die a slow painful death, by lethal acceptance of bullshit, or a hit by a truck out of no where,  a drive by shot to the heart, a hit and run chicken shit type of ending all of which leave you in desperate need of life support and intensive care?

Do you over give in hopes of the reciprocation you deserve?

Do you find yourself hearing the words “I’m sorry baby” more times that you can count? ( I hate that shit! )

Do you find your thoughts are consumed with the why’s &  the how’s to achieve pure love out of what’s currently toxic?

Do you feel as though your partner is just going through some things right now but with your understanding, patience and more love eventually you’ll be happy together and enjoy a relationship that’s completely fulfilling?

Do you just know in your heart there’s got to be more to this love your entangled in? Entangled not in a good way!   ( ;

Are you yearning for your ex? Feeling as though if you could just get through to him, maybe make him jealous or pretend not to care he’ll come back and then you can have that second chance to get it right?

Are you feeling sick inside from the daily facebook and Instagram peeping that’s only affirming he’s living life and so is everyone else while you’re barely able to breath.

Do you feel as though you’ll never find anyone as great as your ex?

Do you yearn daily for your lover’s arrival, your turn at love?

Do you yearn to experience daily bliss and contentment?

Girlfriend, I’ve been in your shoes, all of those shoes.

It took  me damn near a lifetime to finally figure out how simple the love I desired was to achieve. It was right there for the taking!

It wasn’t my fault and it’s not yours!

It’s time to step out of the Payless shoes and into the Designers you deserve.

Step up your love game, step into the true beauty of love.

No more pain, drama and lack.  Not one more day!

Consider me your Girlfriend from the future here to stop you from missing out on your best life of love.

I’ll enlighten you to what’s ailing you NOW, to all of the hidden self-sabotaging behaviors that you MUST discover as true before you’ll ever have the love you desire let alone deserve.

Unlike me you’ll learn them without all the pain and lost years.

You’ll begin to flourish in love as the designer of your dream life.

You’ll never yearn again.

You’ll be in control of all of the love you could ever want, seriously! It’s like that!

You’ll be irresistible to all and life will be irresistible to you.

You’ll gain solid truth once and for all on exactly how to love yourself completely resulting in others doing nothing but the same.

Discover your current level of self-love.  There’s so much talk about it. It seems simple enough, right?  Either you do or no you don’t…Wrong!

But come on now, to state out loud or acknowledge to yourself you don’t just isn’t natural. We’re not intentional  self-loathers.

I was fooled for years believing I did love myself.  It’s much more difficult than you’d think to truly love yourself but what I soon discovered was the results of this love are exciting and empowering.

Girlfriend you just don’t know how badly I want to get you to get this state of being.  People say “We all have to go through it and learn our own lessons.” I call bullshit!

Until you fully grasp the forces against you, you’ll be coming up short on all of your ambitions and desires, including the abundance of love that would naturally flow to you.

I’ll teach you what exactly it means to fully love yourself. I’ll share with you exactly how I finally achieved it and I’ll bend over backwards to make sure you do too!

Do you have the strong desire for a beautiful lifetime of love?  Hell’s yeah! Don’t we all!  The good news is you are on the right track just be being here. It’s work to obtain it. Yup! But not so much once the epiphany hits you. It can be tough initially to secure this level of self love but worth more than a PHD!  Damn it Girlfriend, you’re worth it!

Don’t waste your one lifetime tethered to lack.

Girlfriend, please, definitely no more drama in love.  Let’s stop that!

Love is free. Your experience with it shouldn’t have to come with a price, that price being loss, heartache and lack.

We all need someone by our side. Someone who has gone through it too.  Someone who you can share your deepest fears, pains, joys, dreams and even flaws with.

I know!  I’m a person who thrives with someone to cheer me on, to be in it with me, hold me accountable where I just simply will be too lenient on myself. Real talk!

I’ve invested in myself  over the years of my many business endeavors.

On this particular passion it’s so  important to me to reach as many women as possible  but because I’m not versed on the ins and outs of reaching all of you I’ve invested not only money but countless hours.   Priceless!

Self-improvement is invaluable.  Investing in yourself to ensure a life of love is smart love 101!

I’m hear to lovingly guide you to your heart, to Snap you out of it and into your life of True Love, to ignite that epiphany that will make you unstoppable and all along the way exuding joy that’s unshakable.

Because you’re worth it and you’re here right now desiring it, no doubt it’s locked in once you’ve decided to begin to work together.

You should now look forward to getting off of the current path you’re on, that obstacle course of quick sand, road blocks, u-turns, dead ends and speed bumps and be excited to travel on a path that’s smooth and clear.

True Love Tactics ™ will equip you for a life lived full out with an abundance of love.

 5 Weeks One on One

First week 2 hours.  Weeks 2-5   45 mins twice a week.

In these sessions you’ll discover what’s blocking your love flow.  You’ll be given the exact tactics that will propel you to your best self never to return

to drama and lack in love or life.  You’ll get an MP3 Recording of the time spent so you can keep everything you’ve discovered and are questioning at the forefront of your mind.

Learn and change in a state of suffering or learn and change in a state of joy, those are your choices.

I consider it my life’s purpose to get you the love you desire.

I understand you all too well.

My expertise isn’t in just telling you how to act so you can attract a love. It isn’t just so you’ll find someone to have a relationship with that starts out with chemistry and ends up as most relationships, an ordinary “everybody got problems” kind of relationship.

You’ll learn the secret to design your life filled with all your desires and dreams lived out.